Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blog 3: FHE allows Latter-day Saint students to bond

Students gathered Monday night for Family Home Evening at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Institute of Religion on the University of Oklahoma campus.
Family Home Evening, or FHE, is a weekly event that allows Latter-day Saint students to bond. Latter-day Saint families participate in events in their home, but college students hold FHE in their campus buildings, according to the church’s website.
The group started Monday night’s event by singing the hymn “I Need Thee Every Hour.” Maegan Robison, FHE coordinator, presented a five-minute lesson on humility, and the group played the game Heads Up, Seven Up.
FHE usually involves a hymn, a spiritual thought and a game, but not every night is identical, said Brent Davis, Latter-day Saint Student Association president.
“A lot of the FHEs I’ve been to are more spiritually minded than tonight’s,” Davis said.
“There’s [usually] more of a spiritual thought behind it, and tonight’s activity was more directed at having fun together than discussing a spiritual sense.”
No other group on campus has an event like FHE, said Robison.
“We try to focus more on bonding with each other as a family, to try to learn to be supportive for each other in every day life and spiritual things [than do other churches on campus],” Robison said.
FHE is also different from other LDS church events, OU senior Alex Schafer said.
“It’s a lot more casual than church would be,” Schaefer said.
“FHE is kind of just that social gathering that we need at the beginning of the week to get us going.”
Attending FHE allows Latter-day Saint students a unique chance to build bonds with one another, Davis said.
“Every time you come, you get to connect better with your fellow student and people who are a part of the religion here in this area,” Davis said.
            “If you come to FHE, you create better relationships and friendships.”

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