Monday, November 14, 2011

Blog 7: Zombie Prom scares up dancers

The University of Oklahoma Resident Student Associations hosted Zombie Prom last Saturday in Couch Restaurants.

The event, planned by Traditions West RSA President Brianna Versteeg, invited students to dress up as zombies and enjoy food, dancing and face painting. Zombie Prom also hosted the service event A Million Thanks, an event that asks students to write thank-you notes to veterans.

This is the first Zombie Prom, though not the first RSA dance, Versteeg said.

“I came up with the idea for Zombie Prom after I went to the Halloween store for another event I was doing,” Versteeg said.

“I was going down the aisles, and I saw some zombie stuff, and I thought it would be really cool to have a zombie event. We had just had another event, our Awkward Ball, and everybody loved it, so we’re doing kind of the same thing, but with a zombie theme.”

Zombie makeup was easy to do, said freshman Alexandra Arcuri.

“Basically, all I did was color my face with Crayola marker, red and brown, and cover my face with white eyeshadow and mess up my hair,” she said.

Freshman Kayla Cunningham said she was not as excited as her friends to be at Zombie Prom.

“I decided to come to Zombie Prom because my friend and her roommate decided to come, so I just tagged along,” Cunningham said.

“I didn’t dress up because I’m not planning to stay long.”

The zombie theme was the best part of the night, said Arcuri.

“I love zombies. I used to go play something called zombie tag at home, so I was really excited for tonight,” she said.

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